Monday, January 6, 2014

Goodbye Christmas Decorations

It's Jan 4 and I'm prepping myself to take down all the Christmas decorations.

Odd, as I get older, it's harder to put it all up and easier to take it all down -- mentally.

I'm not sure if it's due to memories of how physically and mentally draining it is to put it all UP so I have a difficult time getting started.  Maybe it's more the fact I enjoy the simplification of NOT having so much extra clutter around the house the decorations bring, that taking it down is refreshing.

Either way, today is a bittersweet day.

The decorations will be boxed up and put high in the garage for another year.

Must admit, it is beautiful.
Oh the memories!

As mentioned in a previous post, this may have been the last year Jacob takes part in our 'decorating day'.  The memories of this 'last' event will linger long in my mind.  The festive look of the twinkling lights, the whimsical ornaments, the cheerful red/silver balls placed strategically about, even the Nativity Scene reminding us of our Savior's birth will be tucked carefully away - taking with them the reminders of THIS Christmas along with all those we've accumulated over the years.


Just one of the sentimental ornaments on our tree -
reminding us why we choose to celebrate Christmas.
At the same time, I'm excited to have the full view out our front windows back. To have clear flat surfaces again.  Reducing clutter and preparing for our new furniture to arrive.  Vacuuming and dusting will once again be easier.  The trunk can resume it's rightful place in the living room rather than being a temporary piano bench taking up WAY. TOO. MUCH. SPACE!


My final decision of the day, as I complete this lofty task?   Do I leave my snowman decorations out for a couple more months?  Or...... do I put it ALL away, resulting in a 'clean slate'?

On the one hand, I like our snowman decorations. They're festive.  It's still winter.  They're neutral for the months following Christmas.  However, having them all put away relieves the necessity to 'pack them away' at a later date.  Leaving the room less cluttered, more simplified.  Clean.


For now, I'll get the Christmas decorations put away.  Once the bulk of the 'clutter' is packed in boxes, I'll see how I feel about leaving the snowman to grace us with their presence a bit longer.

Maybe the 'bareness' of the space will just cry for their continued stay.  At least for a short while longer.

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