Tuesday, January 21, 2014


As the New Year approached, I thought of the 'resolutions' I would set.

The typical ones popped into mind.  Lose weight; work on my grumpiness; get projects done; etc; etc; etc.

Pondering the myriad of areas in my life I could work on, I realized it's not so much 'resolutions' I need to make, but goals.  Techno was talking about this and it made perfect sense.

Our pastor also preached on the idea.  It's not that resolutions are BAD, but in reality we should simply be resolute in living our lives in a manner that is honoring to God.

Hmmmm.... so simple yet really quite profound.

Thinking along these lines, God brought several things to mind.

Yes, I do need to get healthy and lose weight.  But not so much from the mindset of 'how much can I lose FAST', but rather, 'how can I change our lifestyle habits in order to be healthy for life?'

Another big one was my anger and grouchiness.  You may have noticed I've been working on that.  Lots to glean and change in that area.

Finally God pressed upon my heart the idea of being intentional.

THAT can take on SO many forms.

Pretty sure that's his point.

Rethinking my first 2 'goals', they both could easily fall under being I-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N-A-L!

Mapping out my goals I included being intentional:  with our children, with Techno, with my Bible study, with eating and meal preparation, with exercising.

Today I received a message from a friend that really struck at the core of this.  It touched on my 'grouchiness' as well as this whole idea of intentionality.  At least that's how God used it to speak to my heart.

The premise of the devotion was to view the 'ordinary' as 'extraordinary'. Sometimes the mundaneness of life leaves us feeling like we aren't doing anything 'big' for God; for our family; for this life we live.

Yet, it's HOW we respond to the 'regular' stuff of life - the spilled milk, the never ending laundry, the constant meal prep for our families, the continuous straightening up of toys and messes - that show our character.  It's in these times that God can see what's really IN our hearts.  It's at this point in the game where he can tell if we are going to 'go for the goal' or if we're gonna 'fumble the ball'.

Controlling our reactions.  Being intentional with our words and actions.  Being grace-filled and not resent-filled.

These are the things toward which God is calling me.

A HIGHER calling.  Not necessarily GRAND in the eyes of the world.  Yet, pivotal in the eyes of God and my family.

I set the stage in our home.  If I'm intentional; if I handle the pitfalls and stumbles with grace; if I serve with joy; if I ACT and not REACT; I'm doing a good work.  A work that only I can do IN. MY. HOME!

I'm being intentional.

That's a noble resolution/goal for my life.  Not just for 2014, but for every year God gives me on this earth.

Are you being intentional?

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