Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2, 4, 6....

While dating, we discussed having children.  We both agreed - TWO.  That was the number.  One for each parent; crowd control would be easy.  We thought we also agreed on when to start having these two babies.

Techno-genius was certain, five years.  Having time to enjoy each other, being married, finishing school, working, traveling. Being dinks (double income, no kids).  Waiting five years between the two as well.   That was his plan.

I thought that was what I wanted too.  Saving money, buying a house, taking romantic vacations.  It all sounded right and good.

Funny how things change.  It wasn't long after we were married that I experienced some issues that made me question whether or not having babies was going to be easy or even possible for us.  My view on five years quickly flew out the window.

I decided to 'let things happen as they might' in this area of our lives.  A little more than a year into our marriage, I discovered I was pregnant with our first child.  Do the math  - this falls short of our '5 year' plan.

Techno-genius admits, his reaction to this news was right out of the textbook "What NOT to do When Your Wife Tells You She's Pregnant."  After the first week of shock, however, he came around and was 100% on board and with me all the way.

During my pregnancy that whole idea of "2" babies also morphed.  I just knew I wanted 4.  I couldn't imagine only 2 precious bundles.

My hubby jokingly tells his friends, "you'll lose this battle, so don't even try."  Although he still felt 2 was good, he was fine with the thought of 4.

Things were smooth as we had our oldest - a son, then three years later our first daughter arrived.  Not long after, our second son came on the scene.  Having had a slightly difficult delivery/recovery, Techno-genius wasn't convinced we should try for number four.  Once I had him convinced, we discovered we were having difficulties in the area of fertility.

We all but gave up the notion of another Williams baby.  We parted w/all the 'baby stuff' we had been holding onto. Donating most to an overseas mission program.  As fate would have it, about a month after our crib and other 'baby parafenalia' made it's way across the ocean, we learned baby number 4 was finally on her way.

That was it.  Our family was complete.

Until.... surprisingly we discovered we were pregnant with #5.  Having had so much difficulty with our 2nd daughter, we never even considered getting pregnant would 'just happen'.

Shocked, but thrilled, I knew we couldn't stay at 5.  It's an odd number. We couldn't have an uneven number of kiddos.

Soon enough baby number 6, our kabooose, was making her entrance into our world.

We like to joke and tell people HE wanted 2 kids, I wanted 4.

We compromised and had....... 6.

We wouldn't have it any other way.  All 6 are such precious jewels in our lives.  Such gifts from God.  He knew the number of children we should have and that's what we currently enjoy.

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