Friday, June 21, 2013

A Signed Contract


In a good way.

Today, we received the e-mail from our realtor that we've been praying about for the past 5 months ---- a contract for our house in Ohio.

Nerves bunched, thoughts spinning we read the terms of the contract.  We needed to have it signed and returned by noon -- TODAY!

WHAT?  It was already 10 am in Ohio.  Doug was working, I was reading the terms, we both had a mild panic attack.

Would missing that noon deadline make everything null and void?

Frantically e-mails went out. First to our realtor stating we got the message and would call him once we had read it over; once Doug had a moment to break from work.  Next to the potential buyers to let them know we weren't just 'sitting' on the contract, but that things on our end were late in getting to us.

Fortunately both responded positively -- no problem, that time thing is arbitrary.

I guess it's just there to induce panic and anxiety in the seller.  LOL!

Another sigh -- still in a very good way.

Upon printing and reading the contract, we had only minor changes to suggest to our realtor. All seemed smooth sailing.

Moments before 12:00 pm, we signed, scanned, and e-mailed the forms back to our agent.


Even though that 'time thing is arbitrary' we didn't want to take any chances.  :-)

Now, a new type of waiting begins.

The buyers need to sell their home in order to purchase our house.

Trusting God's timing; His provision; we'll continue to pray, to wait, to live life in the here and now.

He's proven His promises are real - time and time again. This time it just happened to be through a signed contract.

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