Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yet more excitement

As if starting the day off with a crash of shattering crystal and china platters wasn't enough.

Around 10:30 am, Elijah - who acquired the only minor cut from the glass explosion - came in for a trash bag; tripped up the porch stairs; smashed his leg into the corner of the step; resulting in a decent sized gash in his shin.

The gash, measuring a good 1/2 in wide; 1/2 in high; and almost 1/4 in deep resulted in a call to the pediatrician to determine if stitches would be needed.

Cleaning out the wound, I could tell it was more than 'just a scratch' or minor cut.

He did a bang up job on his leg.

A bruise, already apparent, was growing just above the slash.

The skin looked as though it had been shoved with a trowel up into the corner of the what-appeared-to-be-large fissure.


In general I'm not horrible with blood and cuts, but I'm not non-chalant about it either. :-)

Bandaged up, Elijah was a little 'white' in the face.  (I guess he's a bit more squeamish about the sight of blood.)  A snack cured that.

Still in pain and blood seeping through the bandage with his leg down, I decided it best if he just sat with his leg elevated until we heard back from the doctor's office.

Boredom set it.

Grabbing his book, a solitaire game of chess, and the promise of a board game with Jacob later, appeased him.

Finally the nurse returned our call.  Yes, stitches were warranted.

Off we headed to the ER in town.  Our pediatrician doesn't 'do stitches'.  Go figure.

Three stitches later and we were set.  An ice cream cone from Burger King to ease the nerves (for Elijah) and a diet Dr. Pepper (for mom).

Never a dull moment around here -- even in our simple, mountain abode.

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