Thursday, June 27, 2013

Messy Memories

Since we had such a cram-full, fun-filled week with the littles last week AND because sickness enshrouded our home, I decided the girls could use some 'lower key' messy memory making activities this week.

To Pinterest I went.  I've 'pinned' many-a-ideas for just such an occasion as this.

I wanted it to be something fun, yet something semi independent they could do while I cooked, folded laundry.  Something that would hold their attention while I tended to other tasks and yet be F-U-N!

First up -- Fluffy Stuff.  Super easy to make - just corn starch and shaving cream.

Fluff Stuff


When mixed together it makes a moldable.... well..... FLUFF!

Such fun.

The girls squished, molded, splatted, and played with this wonderful soft textured concoction.

Molding, making.

All, but Selah. Her response - "oooo, I don't want to get yucky."



Her tune changed as the 'fluff' turned to a powdery mixture and they discovered they could 'paint' themselves white and become 'white fairies'.

Covered in fluff.

I'm a white fairy - she stated.

All grins w/painted 'fluff' on her face.

This 'fluff' became great fun for not just one, but two days.
Those skirts aren't even a problem when painting
your sister's legs.  LOL!

Next, as we continued to pass this wonderful bug around our house, I made flubber.

Just as easy to make.  Glue, water, and borax.  Mix together and VOILA!  F-L-U-B-B-E-R!

Granddad would be proud of our 'Science experiment' made toy.


The girls squashed it, slipped it through their fingers, flattened it in their hands, then added their 'my little ponies' to the mix.


Fun ensued.


Lots of fun.

moshy fun!


Wonder what tomorrow's craft, activity will entail?

Do you have a favorite 'messy memory making' recipe we could try?  I'd love to hear it and try it out with our girls.

Happy Memories.

 If it results in smiles and happy - 'messy' - memories like this..... I'm game.

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