Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making Memories

With the three older kiddos off to Bible Camp, we (ok, in all honesty, I) decided we should do some 'fun things' with the three littles left behind.

After all, they really miss their older siblings while they are gone AND we had built up the whole 'camp' thing pretty high. Seemed only fair THEY'D get to do something exciting too. Right?

You've already heard a bit about 'drop off day' and little girl wisdom.  Here's a more in-depth look at our week of memory making.

The planning began.

Selah on the 'rock wall'
Trinity swinging

First - a morning at the park.

Fun ensued!

Slides, swings, monkey bars, a rock wall, rope climbing.

All ending with a lounge in the grass.

Charity gliding down the slide - head first
Front yard camping in the pop-up was next up.

Eating hot dogs waiting to make s'mores
Trinity loves 'burned' marshmallows - like her older brother

S'mores over a campfire;

hot dogs on the grill;
Mmmm -- ooey gooey goodness

How am I supposed to eat this?

games in the camper;

Trinity snuggled in

stories in bed while snuggled in sleeping bags.

Selah and Charity getting situated

Doesn't get much better than that.

Bright and shiny smiles early in the morning

Breakfast prepared by daddy IN the camper rounded out the experience.

Next up, a trip over the mountain to swim in Saratoga at the pool and hot springs.

One of many snow banks up top

Our views as we drove over the mountain pass into Saratoga.

This is WHY we love it here - what breath taking views

An odd feeling enveloped us as we saw the snow while we sat in the car in our bathing suits.  :-)

Selah checking on big sister

Lower elevations and some heat from the hot spring made splashing in the pool quite enjoyable.

Splashing is so much fun

We won't talk about the chilly wind as we got OUT of the pool and hot springs.  ;-)

Worn our from the camp out and swimming, napping in the car on the drive home seemed appropriate.

Sleep tight my precious bundles

Per request, homemade donuts were next in the line-up Wed morning.

Two of my helpers

Fun times and a tasty treat.

Selah REALLY got into helping - managed to get
powdered sugar in her hair and all over her face

What other adventures can we have?

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