Friday, June 28, 2013

Kisses on Hands

Whenever I leave the house, the girls insist on hugs and kisses.

I LOVE that.

I enjoy giving them hugs and kisses.

A long time ago, when Jacob was little, a friend introduced me to the book The Kissing Hand.  A fabulous little story of how a mama raccoon kisses her baby raccoon's hands to allow him to take his mama's kiss with him wherever he goes.  Enabling him to feel his mama's love whenever he gets scared or nervous.

We began such a ritual with our kids way back then.

It continues today.

However, our little girls take it to the E-X-T-R-E-M-E!

As soon as they hear the news 'mommy's leaving' - no matter where I might be going: out to the garage, to take the dog on a walk, into Centennial to grab the mail, or into Laramie for errands - the 'fun' begins.

"Hugs and kisses?"  They all yell.  Clamoring their way to my person to get their longed for squeezes and smootches.

I hug them all, they walk away, only to return with a flourish moments later - as I move from one location to another - to get "kisses on hand?"

With hands thrust in my face, I take turns kissing 3 little sets of hands.  That's 6 little hands, 30 tiny fingers waving in, around my face and head.

Before I can get out the door there's usually another round of 'kisses and hugs' to be had.

As I get in the car or walk down the driveway, I can see their precious little faces plastered against the windows or sliding glass doors, watching me drive or walk away; blowing me kisses from a far.

Kisses and obvious displeasure regarding my departure.
I smile as I feel their love and because I know - in mere moments - they'll be happily playing, running, tosseling about not thinking about the fact mommy is gone.

Until..... next time.  Then.... we'll. do. it. all. over. again.  Happily!

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