Friday, June 14, 2013

Waiting on God

During our summer vacation, God put on my heart a strong desire to move out west to Wyoming.

Techno-genius and I discussed it, made lists of pros and cons, prayed about it, talked to the kids about it, told friends our desires, prayed some more, sought Godly counsel, and both felt God opening doors to make the move happen.

  • Doug's dad responded when we asked if he'd be willing to let us live in his mountain home, "I think that would be wonderful!"
  • Doug's company enthusiastically said yes to him working remotely from 1000's of miles away.
  • The kids were amicable to such a move.
  • We found a Biblical church that we liked - A LOT, fit our values, our doctrinal beliefs, even our families personality. 
  • Homeschooling options similar to what we used in Ohio would be accessible in Wyoming.
  • Many families in the new church homeschooled.
  • Being more self-sustaining would become an option with 3 acres of land not to mention a long term dream of having chickens, goats, maybe even a horse danced through my head.
  • Financially feasible college options would abound as Wyoming residents for all our children.
  • Upon heading Godly counsel, we both felt assurance we were moving forward with God's blessing.
  • A highly recommended realtor advised us to 'simply go' as it would make selling our house easier.
  • It felt like home in Wyoming - even after just a few short months.
So.... why hasn't our house (it's no longer our home - our home is HERE) in Cincinnati sold?

That's a question I'm struggling with more and more as time marches on.

What am I to learn from this time of waiting?  What is God teaching me?  What does He have in store for us, for our house, for the family He has in mind to live there?

It's hard.  I won't fib and say it's a bowl of cherries.

We have had A LOT of expenses erupt since moving here.

Not only the typical expenses of moving, but TONS of medical and dental financial burdens as well.  Fillings, root canals, cracked crowns, replacement crowns, a tooth abscess, wisdom teeth extraction. Then there are the trips to the ER for stitches not on just one child, but TWO.  Urology tests and doctor's visits.  Upcoming orthopedic appointments as well as finding a new orthodontist.   Not to mention house maintenance expenses - propane furnaces; plumbing; propane furnaces; did I mention propane furnaces?  Phew!

It's somewhat surreal.

All while still paying a full mortgage on our house in Cincinnati.  All while paying utilities for a house not in use.

Waiting is hard.

I watch on facebook as acquaintances sell their houses after mere days of being on the market or even without it ever making it on the market. 

When visiting Ohio we discovered that 2 houses ON OUR STREET sold - one in just a couple weeks - all while ours.... S-I-T-S!

Waiting is rough!

We keep lowering the asking price of our home.  It's a great house.  It's a huge house.  Seems not many want such a great, big house.  Who knew?

Losing money each time we lower the price, but knowing in the end it will work out.

Waiting is weary.

The bills come in. We write the checks. We sigh.  

Fortunately, we know where our provisions come from.  

God knows our needs.  He sees the desires of our hearts before we ever utter a word.  He hears our cries and sighs of stress and financial faintness of heart.

Yes, waiting on God's timing is difficult.  Yet, wait we will.  

I trust Him.  He knows what's best.  His timing is far better than our timing. His ways better than our ways.
Jeremiah 29:11
King James Version (KJV)
11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Even though I can't see the end.  
Even though I can't predict when the house will sell. 
Even though paying all the bills is causing strain.

I'll wait.  I'll trust.

God's timing is ALWAYS better than mine.  Even when it's challenging.

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