Thursday, June 6, 2013

Contest winners

Due to limited entries - I had 2 winners... Cheryl Martin who sent a suggestion of using mason jars for candles and my very own Techno-genius who suggested moving his wife to the 'rustic' mountains, hanging a 'rustic' pot rack, and turning a 'rustic' workbench into a kitchen island.  LOL!

Cheryl, please e-mail or message me a mailing address where you'd like your 'country goblets' delivered.  I have several sets made and will send a couple your way.

Techno-genius, be on the lookout for 'country goblets' to make their appearance at our dinner table one day soon.  :-)

Guess contests aren't my thing.

What sort of contest would you like to see?  Apparently 'rustic' country goblets weren't as exciting for everyone else as they were for me.

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