Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Too bold or not bold enough?

This past weekend as we did our grocery shopping, Techno-genius and I witnessed an odd occurrence.

As we browsed the cracker aisle in search of our generic 'club crackers' we observed a young man - maybe in his 20's - peeking around the corner of the next aisle at a trio of shoppers.

Smiling, we assumed he was 'playing a prank' on or sneaking up on his friends or family.

We walked on to the milk aisle.

Later, as Doug and I divided and conquered our grocery list, I witnessed this same young man acting a bit 'peculiar' in yet another aisle.

Again, he held his phone to his head, glancing down the next aisle being sure NOT to be seen.  Jittery and skiddish were words that came to mind as I watched his suspicious behavior.

Finished with our final selections, we made our way to the check out lane.

Once again, what did we see?  You guessed it.  The same young man stalking that small group of women.  This time at the self check-out line.

As we walked passed I again noticed his leery behavior.  Phone pressed to his head.  Pacing and peeking. Over and around the divider he peered,  purposefully remaining unseen while watching every move of this group.

I looked at Techno-genius.  I reminded him of having seen this same individual multiple times in the store and how uncomfortable I felt with his questionable behavior.

"Should I say something to those ladies?"  I asked him.  Without waiting for his answer, I gave my own, "I'm gonna go tell them.  I think they need to know he's watching them.  I would want to know."

Techno-genius just watched me walk away toward the self check-out lanes as he unloaded our groceries.  Keeping a close watch over the tops of the dividers on what transpired.  My earthly protector.

Passing the suspicious young man, I went up to the three ladies.  I assumed it was a grandma, a mom, and a little girl.  I greeted them and acknowledged that what I was about to tell them would seem a bit weird.

I asked if they knew a man fitting the seeming stalker's description - in case it was in fact a game or prank.

"No." They all chimed.

I went on to explain how I'd seen this young many watching them throughout the store.  His suspicious actions.  Where he was at that moment and to please be cautious, alert, and observant as they left the building.

They thanked me with a bit of fear and confusion in their eyes.

I headed back toward Techno-genius who was still in line to pay for our purchases.

Unfortunately, my actions revealed my own presence to this questionable young man.  Walking past him to return to my rightful place next to Techno-genius he snidely said, "Really?"  Following me, he continued to make the same remark.

I simply kept walking to my refuge.

As he saw my tall and rather imposing looking hubby, he turned away with one last "Really?"

I pray that my boldness in letting the three women know someone was following them, helped keep them safe.

I realize this man could have been following them for a legitimate reason.  But, his actions made him look wary, distrustful.

In my heart I felt I should warn them - at the very least.

Maybe I should have gone to the management of the store.  Gotten security involved.  My thought was in doing that, the threesome of women, along with their possible stalker would have been gone and in harms way before I could even find someone to take action.

What would you do in a similar situation?  I wonder if I had been alone if I would have taken the same risk?

I know if it were me.... my mom.... my girls....  I'd want to be made aware of a potentially unsafe situation unfolding.

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