Thursday, June 20, 2013

Drop off day and little girl wisdom

Our oldest three children headed off to Bible Camp this week.  Anticipating tears from the littles, I decided to head to the park to play and have some fun.

As we dropped the big kids off, packed their bags onto the back of the truck, prayed for their safety on the trip, gave hugs good bye, the girls were distracted playing with the other 'younger siblings'.


As the kids pulled out, Trinity's voice faltered a bit as she waved farewell.

We piled into the car, heading toward our destination to play at the park.

First, a quick stop at McDonald's for a 'potty break' and to grab a cup of coffee for mom.  Getting in line, tears emerged.  "I'm sad, mom.  I miss Bethany," whimpered Trinity.

"It's ok, Trin.  We're going to the park." Chimed Selah.

A soda for the road calmed the tears while thoughts of the playground filled their little heads.

Slides, swings, a climbing wall, a surprise appearance by church friends, rope climbing, and laying in the grass filled the morning.

Smiles abounded.

Wisdom exuding from the girls, Charity stated, "I think the park helped Trinity's crying."

Trinity then responded, "Yeah, and camping and the pool will be a big help too. That's why you planned those, huh Mom?"

Why yes, my precious little ones, that was partially why we planned some of the fun events for this week.

While the older three are off, learning about God; strengthening their faith; growing closer to the savior; bonding with friends, we planned some fun family connecting for just the three of you.

A time to grow together, closer to mom and dad, and closer to God as we explore His world and all the joys Wyoming has to offer.

Let the fun continue!

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