Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time w/ Elijah

Driving too and from town to get stitches out of his leg, Elijah and I had an opportunity to just 'talk'.

Share life. Tell stories. Ask questions.

He's an amazing kid.

Wise beyond his years in many ways.

He's grown so much spiritually in the last couple of years.  Amazing to see.

I still recall the little boy who came to us, crying, wanting to know how to be saved.  How to have Jesus alive in his heart.  What a day that was. A true blessing.

As we drove today, he had such deep insightful things to share.

His manner so respectful.  So compassionate.

Questions and observations of how to share the love of Jesus while still holding strong to convictions placed upon one's heart through Scripture - God's Word.

All from a sweet, unassuming 11 year old boy.


Our discussions also covered joys, fears, desires, lessons learned.

It was a fabulous 60 minutes of time.

Being fully aware of how fast time flies - I cherished every second of that time.  Relished every word he shared.  Enjoyed each smile, every little twinkle in his eyes.

I thanked God for the life of this precious little boy turning young man.  Felt the gratitude of being assigned the role of 'mom' for his time here on earth.

What a blessing.

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