Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heavy Heart and Hope

It's with a heavy heart that I write this post.

Today I learned that a high school classmate and his wife, whom Techno-genius and I had the privilege to fellowship with at my 20th high school reunion, just lost their 19 year old daughter to a car accident.

Although we weren't close - had not spoken in 20+ years prior to the reunion; nor have we kept in touch other than 'liking' one another's facebook posts since the reunion, my heart broke for my schoolmate, his wife, and his 5 other children.

I had never met his little girl, Emily, but from what he stated in a post on facebook she was a young lady strong in her faith.  What a blessing.

From hearing this news, it made me pause and reflect on our own loved ones.

How important it is to express our love and appreciation for those in our lives. For the gifts God has given us for this time - as limited as it may be - here on this earth.

How precious children are.  How much MORE precious they are to the Father in Heaven.

How grateful I am - and I know John is - that most of our children -- those with a strong understanding - have chosen to accept Jesus' gift of salvation.  Just as Emily had done.

How much we need to continue to pray and guide our younger children to the knowledge and love of Christ.

It's because of this acceptance that I have hope.  My friend John and his wife Dawn have hope.  The HOPE of seeing their little girl again one day.

This life is not all there is.  When this life ends we have the opportunity for eternal life with our Lord and Savior.

However, the choice to accept that gift is ours.

This morning our pastor preached on Redemption and Grace.  How appropriate for this time, this news.

Jesus shows us Grace by giving us the gift of salvation.

He GIVES it to us.

We don't have to earn it.

It's a G-I-F-T!  

BUT.... we do have to accept it.

God won't force us to take it.

This news, the heavy heartedness I feel for my friend and his family, has also made me realize how important it is to share my faith with others.



We're not promised tomorrow.  Sadly, my friend is living that today.

I know he has HOPE!  I know he has peace.  He didn't wait until tomorrow to share the gift God has given him with his little girl.  She too had accepted the gift that only Jesus can give.

Our days are numbered.

Don't wait.

Have HOPE!

Receive God's gift of grace.

Accept Jesus!

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